It’s the pain of losing them. The pain of watching them love someone else. The pain of realising you’ll never be together.
 There’s something so awful in the realisation that you’re never going to have them and that they’ll never see you the same way you see them. You can be best friends or worst enemies and it wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference because they’ll never even be close to loving you back.

I’d never felt so alone as that night when I sat on the ground and just cried. I’d never felt more pathetic, so sorry for myself and unworthy of happiness. It was a soul crushing hurt that made me tremble as the tears cascaded down my face and I didn’t even care that I looked a mess.
You. You did that, and I’m certain you wouldn’t have cared even if you knew.
“Some relationships are like stepping on board a train you know is going to wreck. And it’s not an instinct, or a gut feeling, it’s knowing - plain and simple, because you’ve been here before and you’ve done this before, and you just know. And still, you step on. Because you’d rather spend a little while holding that person’s hand, pretending you won’t wreck, than spend a lifetime yearning; yearning for bruises on your wrists, left by someone who tried to hold on, yearning for broken bones in your spidery fingers from trying to keep them close as the world spun out of control. Sometimes, we don’t hope to leave unscathed and unscarred, we pray the pain will be worth the love.”


My Uncle forgot to roll up the window to his truck, and we found this little guy inside.

He hates you.
He hates everything.
But especially you.